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Gordon's story

Gordon's story
I was prescribed the EXOGEN low intensity pulsed ultrasound bone healing system earlier this year following a scaphoid fracture that would not heal.

I broke my wrist when I flipped over the handlebars of my mountain bike during a race. Not realizing what I had done, I mustered up the strength to climb back on my bike and finish 22 out of 160 bikers. Yet, the pain in my wrist was excruciating! The next day I went to an orthopaedist who described to me the aspects of my fracture. First, he put a cast on my wrist. After awhile in the cast another set of x-rays showed no healing so my doctor prescribed the EXOGEN bone healing system. I was told to use the EXOGEN device in my home, for 20 minutes each day. Several weeks later my cast was removed and I was instructed to maintain my use with EXOGEN in order to continue healing. The doctor said the healing process is "back on track".

I can now say that my hand gets better and stronger with each treatment with EXOGEN and I am able to get back on my bike and back to my normal life.

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  • Dercan Jun 18, 2012
    You've really hlpeed me understand the issues. Thanks.

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